100% Fiber Internet

Metronet Internet

Your Destination for Affordable & Reliable Internet with Lightning-Fast Fiber Optic Connections and Uniform Speeds

$39.95 / mo*

For 12 Months

100% Fiber Internet

MetroNet Internet

Your Destination for Affordable & Reliable Internet with Lightning-Fast Fiber Optic Connections and Uniform Speeds

$39.95 / mo*

For 12 Months

Metronet Internet Prices


Per month

100 Mb


Per month

500 Mb


Per month

1 Gb

Metronet Internet Deals

PackageNormal PricePromotional PricePromotional Period
100 Mb$49.95$39.95 12 Month
500 Mb$69.95$49.9512 Month
1 Gb$89.95$59.956 Month

Metronet Internet - 100% Fiber Optic

Are you tired of slow and unreliable internet speeds? Are you ready for lightning-fast fiber internet at uniform download and upload speeds?
Look no further! Metronet internet offers fiber optic internet near you, with no data caps and blazing-fast speeds. Whether you are a gamer, streamer, remote worker, or just need reliable internet for everyday use, Metronet internet has the perfect package for you.

Combo with Home Phone

And why stop at just internet? Bundle with our digital phone home connection for a complete home connectivity solution. With Metronet, you can enjoy crystal-clear call quality, unlimited local and long-distance calling, and a variety of features that enhance your calling experience. Our Metronet deals are unbeatable, with prices starting as low as $39.95/mo* for fiber internet.
Browse our Metronet packages to find the perfect combination of internet and phone services for your home.

Getting Start Today

Join the Metronet family today and experience the difference of fiber optic internet near you. Upgrade your home connectivity with Metronet WiFi and start enjoying fast, reliable, and affordable internet and phone services.
Get started now and discover the best Metronet internet prices available!

metronet fiber speed and dsl speed comparison


Fiber-optic internet, which Metronet internet specializes in, creates a more dependable connection that won't slow down when neighborhood demand increases. With Metronet internet service, commonly known as symmetrical speeds, upload and download speeds are equal. Fiber connection is the best option if your internet usage is mostly for uploads.

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Here What You Expect With

100% Fiber Internet

The fiber internet speeds you get right to your home or business are incomparable. Your neighbors cannot share your bandwidth.

No Data

No long-term contracts or unexpected fees. Use all of the necessary data across all of your devices. no data limits No throttle. That’s why you need to get MetroNet from us.

Unlimited Streaming

Watch live TV while concurrently streaming your favorite movies and TV episodes. Also, get more on a variety of devices with hardly any buffering. MetroNet offers the best streaming experience with its services.


Get assistance from our helpful customer service representatives who reside in the areas we serve and are available when you need it.


Enjoy symmetrical speeds for a seamless internet experience whether downloading or uploading. There is no form of glitches or delay. The speed of the upload is equal to the speed of the download.


Unlimited Phone Calls

Metronet offer amazing Digital phone for its users. Its Digital phone offers competative rates for both local and international calls. Plus 17 calling features including voicemail, call forwarding, and caller ID. Metronet's Unlimited Phone Plan makes it easy to stay connected. While most people will rely on a mobile phone these days, having a landline connection can still be useful which gives peace of mind with its strong signal strength.

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Bundle Internet With Unlimited Phone At $69.99 In Selected Areas

100 Mb Internet: Good for 5+ devices; No data cap!
100% Fiber Phone: - Unlimited local & long distance in US and Canada
No Long-Term Contracts

(855) 519-1572

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