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MetroNet Fiber Home Phone

Unlimited local and long Distance Calling US & Canada

$20 / mo

metronet home phone

Metronet Home Phone Features

$20 / mo

Affordable & Dependable Home Phone Service With MetroNet

For individuals looking for a dependable and affordable solution to keep in touch with close and far family and friends, Metronet Fiber Home Phone Service is the best option. No matter where you are, you may make and receive unlimited local calling and nationwide long-distance calling with crystal-clear quality because of their high-speed internet connectivity.

In addition to providing the same high-quality phone services you would expect from a home phone line, Metronet Fiber Home Phone Service is an excellent method to reduce expenditures. You can place and receive as many calls as you’d like with their unlimited calling plans without worrying about incurring additional costs. Furthermore, people on a tight budget can choose them because of their modest monthly payments.

The Metronet Fiber Home Phone Service’s 24/7 customer support is yet another outstanding feature. Their helpful customer care representatives are available whenever you have a query or need help with something. They also offer beneficial hints on how to utilize their service effectively and make the most of their features.

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