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Rochester, MN! Are you ready for a game-changer in your internet experience? Check out Metronet’s lightning-fast, fiber-optic network. We’re talking about speeds that hit up to 2 GB – it’s internet at the speed of life. And the best part? No more getting stuck in long-term contracts. We’re all about giving you the freedom to choose what works for you.

Don’t let slow internet hold you back. It’s time to elevate your digital experience. Call 1-877-709-9540 today and join the Metronet revolution. Fast, reliable, and tailored just for you – that’s how the internet should be, Rochester!

Experience Lightning-Fast Fiber Internet in Rochester

As the first light of day touches the streets of Rochester, a silent yet powerful transformation is underway. Metronet Fiber Internet begins its daily task, subtly yet crucially powering the city’s digital pulse.

Metronet’s arrival in Rochester, MN has been a game-changer for the digital landscape. It’s not just about faster internet; it’s about how these connections bring us closer to what matters most. From streaming your favorite shows to gaming with friends, or even more essential activities like working from home and engaging in online learning, Metronet’s high-speed, reliable service has revolutionized our daily lives.

Discover Metronet’s Fiber Internet plans in Rochester, MN, and elevate your digital experience today. To check out our offerings and find the perfect plan that fits your lifestyle and needs call us at (877) 407-6237.
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Metronet Packages and Pricing in Rochester, MN

Metronet, a leader in fiber internet services, offers a range of packages in Rochester, MN designed to meet diverse digital needs. Their offerings include:

PackageSymmetrical SpeedsPrices
100 Mb100 Mb / 100 Mb$29.95/mo*
500 Mb500 Mb / 500 Mb$39.95/mo*
1 Gig1 Gb / 1 Gb$49.95/mo*
Multi-GigUp to 5 GbpsCall Us Now to Check

Metronet packages are designed for everyone – whether you’re just browsing or managing a busy online business. What sets them apart? A solid commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This means you get not just fast, but reliable internet too. It’s no wonder Metronet’s a top pick for fiber internet.

Gamers, Get Ready to Level Up with Metronet's Symmetrical Speeds!

Hey gamers in town, Metronet is here to turbocharge your gaming experience!

1. Balanced Upload/Download Speeds:

Tired of lag messing up your game? Metronet evens the playing field with symmetrical speeds. Imagine your 200 Mbps plan doubling its upload speed. Smooth gaming, here you come!

2. Speed Upgrades on the House:

Get ready for faster, seamless gaming – no extra cost. Quicker uploads for your massive game files? Check.

3. Speeds for Every Gamer:

Whether you’re gaming for fun or for glory, Metronet’s got speeds up to 2 gigabits for homes, and a whopping 10 gigabits for businesses.

metronet for gamers

Metronet’s not just fast, it's gamer-fast. It's time to level up!"

Value for Money

Metronet’s entry into Rochester has been marked by competitive pricing. While rates vary based on the package and any ongoing promotions, residents have noted a favorable cost-to-service ratio.

Transparent Pricing

Worried about hidden fees? Not necessary with Metronet. They are all about clear pricing. You’ll pay what you expect to pay, so you won’t have unexpected fees on your bill

Bundling Options

Looking to integrate television or phone services? Metronet’s bundle deals can offer additional savings, making it a one-stop solution for your digital needs.

Promotional Deals

As with any smart service provider, Metronet often runs promotions, especially for new customers. It’s always a good idea to check the website or visit a local Rochester Metronet office for the latest deals.

Frequently Ask Question

The cost of MetroNet’s Fiber Internet in Rochester, MN, varies depending on the speed you choose. The 100/100 Mbps plan starts at $29.95 per month, the 500/500 Mbps plan starts at $49.95 per month, and the 1Gb/1Gb plan is available for $59.95 per month.

To find out if MetroNet services are available in your area, you can simply call us at +1-877-709-9540 or you can go to the Availabilty page and enter your address.

The 1 Gig internet plan with MetroNet, which includes symmetrical upload and download speeds, is offered at $59.95 per month.

Yes, MetroNet includes a free eero wireless router with their internet plans to ensure an exceptional WiFi experience throughout your home.

MetroNet is excellent for streaming, providing ultimate streaming capabilities with virtually no buffering. Their fiber internet allows for simultaneous streaming of live TV, shows, series, and movies on multiple devices.