Metronet fiber installation guide

Metronet Fiber Setup Guide: Quick & Efficient Internet Installation

Enjoy a hassle-free setup with Metronet – where quality service and technology meet to create a premier internet experience.



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One Month Free!

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One Month Free!

Arrival and Personalized Setup

Upon the scheduled day, a Metronet fiber technician, whose progress you can track via the “Where’s My Tech” app, will greet you within the agreed timeframe. Not only will you be able to track their arrival, but you will also be provided with a photo for a secure, worry-free welcome.

Here’s a streamlined overview of what to expect

Personalized Walkthrough

The technician will outline the installation steps, customizing the process to suit your chosen services.

Optimal Equipment Placement

Together, you will decide the best location for your in-home equipment, ensuring peak performance.

Direct Fiber Connection

Metronet technicians will expertly guide the fiber line into your home, setting up a discreet entry point. A neat utility box is then secured outside, and the fiber line is connected to the mainline.

ONT Installation

The ONT, acting as the core of your fiber internet, is mounted securely to safeguard its function.

Wi-Fi Router Setup

Metronet connects the Wi-Fi router to the ONT, laying the foundation of your wireless network.

Wireless Network Configuration

Configure Wi-Fi Devices

Place additional devices as needed, with no complex wiring – only a power source is required.

Connect Your Devices

Guide you through connecting your devices, ensuring a smooth start to your Metronet experience.

Post-Installation Excellence

Line Burying: Should your fiber line require burying, our crews will return promptly, taking care to preserve the aesthetics of your property.

Your Journey of Installation

At Metronet, they have crafted an installation procedure that’s both innovative and user-friendly, like the services they offer. From the arrival of the technician to the moment when you connect your devices, Metronet is committed, to providing not only high-speed internet but also an exceptional customer experience.

Ready to Experience the Metronet Difference?

Experience the cutting-edge possibilities with Metronet’s high-quality fiber internet. Arrange your installation now. Become part of a community where exceptional service is the standard.


Need any information? Our FAQ section might have all the answers you’re looking for. You can reach out to us at +1 (877) 709 9540. We’re dedicated, to ensuring that your switch to Metronet is as seamless, as our lightning fiber optic connection.

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